ETRON® is a company dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution of Industrial Power Transmission elements. Its capacity and own experience together with the support of a well known brands, all of them owners of the ISO 9000 certificate, guide to satisfy customers needs and makes ETRON® a flexible, efficient and reliable company.

  • Its computerized management assures efficiency and quick reply to customers.
  • Our products are made with latest technologies.
  • Delivery time is smaller than market average.
  • The prices are competitive and adjusted to the market.

Its present localization in a technologically full equiped pavilion is adapted to companies needs of developing and progress.


  • 1994  - Beginning of the activity with the first designation as NOVO-DRIVE, S.L.
  • 1995  - Product distribution agreements with well known brands:
              • MAINA
              • CMD
              • RU-STEEL
              • GALVI

  • 1996  - Implementation of Computer Aided Design program, AUTOCAD MECHANICAL (2D)
  • 2000 - Starting of the activity with present designation as ETRON®, Aplicaciones Industriales, S.L.
  • 2002 - Implementation of Computer Aided Design program, AUTODESK IVENTOR (3D)
  • 2005  - Opening companys new localization in the present place.
  • 2010  - Expansion of the company with a new pavilion for stockage and assembly, doubling the present surface.
  • 2010  - Location of a new conditioned and full equiped metrology room, ZEISS Three-dimensional Coordinates Measuring Machine included.
  • 2011  - Expansion and restyling of the office area.
  • 2012 - New edition of the NOVOTON® Barrel Coupling catalogue.
  • 2013 - ETRON® launches his new web page and integrates in new technologies of social networks.